Games Hand Crafted in Wood


Backgammon, Chess, Solitaire, Chinese Checkers and the ancient African game of Mancala are available (Rules are supplied with each game).

The games are handmade from the following woods - oak, ash, elm, lime, beech, lace wood, sapelle, olive, walnut, and cherry wood , however. Other woods can be sourced if requested.

As traditional skills and techniques are employed, the wood is allowed to determine the grain and patterns displayed in each item, thus making every item unique.  Each item is hand polished to maintain the natural beauty of the wood, with only an occasional waxing required to preserve its natural beauty.   

Solitaire boards are available in both 225mm and 300mm with a range of marbles, Chinese Checkers boards are 19in diameter using 1in marbles and Mancala boards come with glass beads.

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