Chargers Hand Crafted in Wood


Chargers are available in oak, ash, elm, lime, beech, lace wood, sapelle, walnut, and cherry wood, however, other woods can be sourced if requested.  

Sizes of chargers range from a 250mm diameter up to a 500mm diameter.

As traditional skills and techniques are employed, the wood is allowed to determine the grain and patterns displayed in each item, thus making every item unique.  Each item is hand polished to maintain the natural beauty of the wood, with only an occasional waxing required to preserve.   

Due to the unique nature of these items, although we do take orders over the internet we prefer to create an item that is individual to your requirements. 

If you are interested in purchasing an item or would like further information, please click on 'contact us ', please detail your query or requirements in the e mail; as soon as your e mail is received we endeavour to ensure that each customer receives the highest level of customer care and attention.

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