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Located in the heart of Broadland Norfolk, we  hand craft all our wooden products in our small workshop.

Many of our items are made to order and Commissions are welcome.

Woods World Wide by Williams, Norfolk Broads

Paul Williams - Craftsman

Paul Williams Woods World Wide by Williams

Paul Williams

Paul originally trained and qualified as a traditional wooden boat builder, he worked on boats along the South coast and in East Anglia. Wood turning was his hobby for 15 years. Unfortunately following a sailing accident, Paul was unable to continue working on boats as he lost 50% use of his right arm. Facing this disability, 8 years ago , Paul decided to diversify and started  wood turning as a profession.
He makes hand crafted unique wooden items from unusual woods in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. Paul makes both modern and traditional pieces from ancient African games through to a modern stylistic bowl, charger or a lamp.

All of the wood that is used is sourced from sustainable forests and the local area from trees which have either fallen down or have had to be cut down for safety reasons. Many of Paul's shavings which are his by- product, are given to local gardeners as mulch to keep the weeds at bay or for their compost bins.
The start of the day is the best time to find Paul working at his lathe in the early morning light. Using traditional skills and techniques each item can take between an hour to 10 hours to make.  Pieces are either hand polished to maintain their natural beauty, or oiled with olive oil as salad bowls, where ever possible pieces are individually signed and numbered. He uses each piece of wood with its natural grain and faults to determine its own final form. Many of the items made have unusual natural faults and
defects such as burrs,  bark all the way though, holes and spalting, like the black lines left by Honey Fungus . Paul's favourite piece is a large spalted Beech Fruit Bowl with some unusual figuring which looks like the outline of a man.
Glassware provides inspiration for some of the designs Paul produces. Also many customers request things out of the ordinary, such as an enlarged games board for use by someone with problems with  dexterity like himself. When he is not at his lathe you will find him on his 80 year old traditional wooden half- decker sailing on the Norfolk & Suffolk Broads and racing in local regattas.
Paul recommends that in order to maintain the natural beauty of each piece that you purchase, that it is waxed occasionally  using natural beeswax and elbow grease, or the oiled bowls should be given a coating of extra virgin olive oil.
Paul has had much recognition for the style and quality of his work whilst exhibiting at the British Design Centre. He also exhibits at  fairs and exhibitions around the UK and was included in the Guardian's Christmas Gift Guide last year.
Many of Paul 's items can be purchased from  as little as £15.00 for a wine stopper up to £400.00 for a large fruit bowl or lamp. Commissions are undertaken and he is very willing to discuss your exact requirements .

Email: paul@wwww.uk.net

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